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Drilling Hydraulics Design Course

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Drilling Hydraulics Design

This 3-Day course is designed for drilling operational staff and drilling engineers. The objective of the course is to determine subsurface wellbore pressures during drilling operations under static and dynamic conditions. It starts with a calculation of hydrostatic pressure using high school mathematical equations and physical laws governing fluid dynamics.

Location/Venue Start Date End Date Instructor Fees
London, UK   Apr. 11, 2018  Apr. 13, 2018  Dr. Qamar Sharif US$ 2,950 
Dubai, UAE Apr. 15, 2018 Apr. 17, 2018 Dr. Qamar Sharif US$ 2,500
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Oct. 01, 2018 Oct. 03, 2018 Dr. Qamar Sharif US$ 2,950
Abu Dhabi, UAE Oct. 07, 2018 Oct. 09, 2018 Dr. Qamar Sharif US$ 2,500

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