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If you have more than five delegates, it may be economical to invite us to come to your office or selected venue and deliver a course to your personnel. We offer the following options for in-house courses.

  •  Course from Our Portfolio – Select any course from our portfolio of courses to be delivered at your venue, on a mutually agreed desired date and exclusively for your personnel.
  •  Customized Outline – Provide us the background of your expected personnel to be trained (education level, experience, area of emphasis and learning objectives) and our expert faculty will design a course to match your training requirement.
  •  Mix & Match from Our Portfolio – Detailed outlines are given for the courses in our portfolio. You can select desired topics or sub-topics from these outlines. We will package these and deliver them to your personnel.
  • On-Demand Public Option–We offer public courses (listed in our portfolio of courses) at various locations worldwide and at various times during the year. If you prefer to have a certain course in a certain location that is not on our list, then please send us a proposal and we will, with your assistance, explore this option.