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Offshore & Deep Water Drilling Course

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Offshore & Deep Water Drilling

This 3-Day course provides comprehensive, hands-on workshop on the fundamentals of offshore drilling. If you’re new to offshore drilling, and looking for a comprehensive overview of how it all really works, the brand-new 3 Day MBA in Offshore Drilling is designed with you in mind.

Location/Venue Start Date End Date Instructor Fees
London, UK Mar. 07, 2018 Mar. 09, 2018 Dr. Qamar Sharif US$ 2,950
Abu Dhabi, UAE Mar. 11, 2018 Mar. 13, 2018 Dr. Qamar Sharif US$ 2,500
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Sep. 03, 2018 Sep. 05, 2018 Dr. Qamar Sharif US$ 2,950
Dubai, UAE Sep. 09, 2018 Sep. 11, 2018 Dr. Qamar Sharif US$ 2,500

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