Petroleum Courses




For the public courses, we are introducing a Profit Sharing concept, again to help our clients to maximize return on their training budget.According to this concept the course fees will not be fixed instead it will be adjusted lower as we get more and more participants in a course.

The figure on the side shows how this concept will work. This graph is for a 5-Day course in Dubai (UAE) with initial (advertised) course fees of US$3,500 per participant. This fee remains same until our breakeven point (6 participants in this case). After the breakeven point, 50% of the course fee (for incremental participants) is shared equally between all participants as a cashback. In short, if we have 10 participants in the course, every participant pays US$ 2,850 for this 5-Day course instead of the US$ 3,500 initially advertised. The cashback amount will depend upon the (1) course venue and (2) timing of the course.Some venues are more expensive than others and air fare (to cover instructor’s travel cost) in peak season versus non-peak season. However, our participants will know in advance (as soon as the course and venue are confirmed) how the above figure will look like for each course

The cashback could be issued as (a) a credit voucher to the organizations that they can use in future for sending delegates to other courses or (b) cash transferred to their specified bank account.