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Artificial Lift and Production Optimization Course

Enhancing Return on Investment in Oil & Gas Training


Artificial Lift and Production Optimization

Ever increasing demands related to cost savings and efficiency improvement require that the existing as well as planned oil and gas production assets are fully and optimally utilized. Since most-all oil and gas wells require artificial lift for the majority of their productive life, the artificial lift systems are important part of production operations for the entire lifecycle of an asset. Careful selection, design and operation of artificial lift equipment is extremely important for profitability.

Location/Venue Start Date End Date Instructor Fees
 Dubai, UAE  Apr. 07, 2019  Apr. 11, 2019 Dr. Rajan N. Chokshi  US$ 3,500
Basra, Iraq  Sep. 22, 2019  Sep. 26, 2019  Dr. Rajan N. Chokshi  US$ 3,500
Dhabi, UAE Oct. 13, 2019 Oct. 17, 2019 Dr. Rajan N. Chokshi US$ 3,500

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